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No DescriptionResolutionRelationLink
1 Online Database Submission: Error 5 testConMake sure v3.3.4 or later is installed to be able to submit 2017 dataErrors, Omissions and Submissions http://www.fsdoe.fs.gov.za/EMISPortal/Utilities.aspx
No DescriptionResolutionRelationLink
2 No Professional / Academic Qualification / InstitutionOld Educators Qualification & Institution are stored differently with a old way instead of the new way, kindly update the Qualification Details in SAMS Screen 2.1EOS v336 & SAMS 2.1 Educator Qualification Details
No DescriptionResolutionRelationLink
3 Gr4-6 HL & FAL Tasks DiscrepanciesTasks revert back to 2016 setup with 17.0.0 SAMS PatchSAMS v16.3.1 http://www.fsdoe.fs.gov.za/EMISPortal/SAMS.aspx
No DescriptionResolutionRelationLink
4 Please WaitCorrected with 17.0.0 SAMS PatchSAMS v16.3.1 http://www.fsdoe.fs.gov.za/EMISPortal/SAMS.aspx
No DescriptionResolutionRelationLink
5 No Value given - SessionDataLocksCheck RoutineUnlock at screen 16.14 - Message Corrected with 17.1.0 SAMS PatchSAMS v16.3.1 - Screen 12.3.12 http://www.fsdoe.fs.gov.za/Documents/Statistical%20Information/DataLockResolve.pdf
No DescriptionResolutionRelationLink
6 Internal and Departmental Schedule is emptyMake sure the promotion decisions have been saved at 12.7.18 SAMS v17.1.0
7 Gr7-9 Technology Include PAT in Term 3 WeightUpdate the Term weight for the Pat from 0% to 30% and the Control Test from 100% to 70%SAMS v17.2.0 http://www.fsdoe.fs.gov.za/documents/TechGr7-9_HowtoincludePAT2Term3.pdf
8 Gr7-9 Technology End-of-Year PAT Term 4 Activity Weights CorrectionUpdate the activity weight for the Mini-Pat from 25% to 50% for Term 4 End-of-Year Pat taskSAMS v17.2.0 http://www.fsdoe.fs.gov.za/documents/Gr7-9_Tech_PAT_ActWeigthCorrect.pdf
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For a Complete List of 2017 Submission Details and Dates download Circular MG22-2016.

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