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 *  SA-SAMS - Latest Patch.  This patch contains the following:
  1. Email function fixed on SA-SAMS. 
  2. Deviation Comments for Mark adjustment (Gr 4 to 9) updated for 2021 (Circular No.3 of 2021).
  3. Schedule columns increased for more subjects.
  4. Page print wastage corrected when printing Departmental schedules.
  5. Update SBA calculation for Gr 12 LO and Gr 10-12 Dramatic Arts.
  6. SA-SAMS version show on mark sheets and schedules.
Updated: 05 November 2021(Version 21.2.1)
72.9 MB
 *   SA-SAMS Patch v21.2.1 - Alternative Link    


 *  EMIS Officer Nomination Form 2021/09/03 280 KB
 *  EMQ File to Help Creative Arts Task Term2 2021/06/15 3.76 KB
 *  EMQ File to Help with TermDates-Term2-Term3 2021 2021/07/06 2.96 KB
 *  EMQ File to Add More Educator Qualification Type Options 2017/06/12 3 KB
 *  LURITS Feedback Process Manual 2019/10/25 835 KB
 *  EMQ File to Help with Archived Learner Lurits Approval 2015/09/14 3 KB
 *  EMQ File to Help Remove Archived Learners from Educator Subject Groups 2016/01/26 1 KB
 *  EMQ File to Adjust Learners Years in Phase & Years in Grade Info 2015/11/19 4 KB
 *  EMQ File to Help with Archived Educators Lurits Approval 2018/12/07 160 bytes
 *  EMQ File to Help with Archived Staff Lurits Approval 2018/12/07 172 bytes
 *  Curriculum Assessment Policy Statements (CAPS) Link to DBE Site
Manuals & Guides
Installing SA-SAMS Patch(Setup Included) Fixed Assets on SA-SAMS
List of SA-SAMS printouts General Information Manual
Standard Letters Manual LTSM Manual 
Learner Parent Info Manual Marks Capturing Security(Users and User Profiles)
Human Resource Information Manual Financial Assistant (Power Point Show)
Capturing Gr1 - Gr12 Tasks Financial Assistant Manual 
Principal Training on SA-SAMS SA-SAMS Help File (Old) 
Time Design Manual Correct Excel Timetable Not Displaying in Excel
Start Automated Error Fix on Timetable Deploy Database and LURITS Online Submissions