SA-SAMS Downloads

 *  SA-SAMS - Latest Patch.  This patch contains the following:
  1. Fixed Subjects offered by the school.
  2. Updated NSC Registration Form regarding SNE learners.
  3. schedule working for 2018 and 2019.
  4. SGB members error corrected.
Updated: 12 February 2019 (Version 19.0.1)
  32.0 MB
 *   SA-SAMS Patch v19.0.1 - Avast Friendly    
 *   SA-SAMS Patch v19.0.1 - Alternative Link    


 *  EMQ File to Fix Educator and Staff Attendance Issue 2019/04/17 1 KB
 *  EMIS Officer Nomination Form 2017/10/19 280 KB
 *  EMQ File to Add More Educator Qualification Type Options 2017/06/12 3 KB
 *  LURITS Feedback Process Manual 2016/05/18 1.37 MB
 *  EMQ File to Help with Archived Learner Lurits Approval 2015/09/14 3 KB
 *  EMQ File to Help Remove Archived Learners from Educator Subject Groups 2016/01/26 1 KB
 *  EMQ File to Adjust Learners Years in Phase & Years in Grade Info 2015/11/19 4 KB
 *  EMQ File to Help with Archived Educators Lurits Approval 2018/12/07 160 bytes
 *  EMQ File to Help with Archived Staff Lurits Approval 2018/12/07 172 bytes
 *  School Calendars (Public Schools) Link to DBE Site
 *  List of SAMS Task Changes (v14.1.0) 2013/06/26 0.34 MB
 *  Curriculum Assessment Policy Statements (CAPS) Link to DBE Site
 *  SA-SAMS First Time Installer (Setup) 2010/07/16 16.20 MB
 *  SA-SAMS First Time Installer (Setup) - Alternative Link    
Manuals & Guides
Installing SA-SAMS Physical Resources Manual
List of SA-SAMS printouts SIAS Manual (Condensed)
Curriculum Assistant Manual (Old) SIAS Manual
General Information Manual Install SA-SAMS patch
Governance Information Manual Standard Letters Manual
Learner Parent Info Manual Marks Capturing Security(Users and User Profiles)
Human Resource Information Manual Financial Assistant (Power Point Show)
Capturing Gr1 - Gr12 Tasks Financial Assistant Manual 
Principal Training on SA-SAMS SA-SAMS Help File (Old) 
Time Design Manual Book Retrieval Manual 
LURITS Feedback Process Manual  IQMS Manual