EO  School Errors/Omissions

All 4 Report Cycles Not Entered

Educator/Staff Attendance < 80%
Incorrect Multigrade Class Selection
Invalid School E-Mail
Invalid School Telephone Number
Learner Attendance < 80%
More than 1 Principal/Acting Principal Selected
NCS Exam Registration details not captured
No Classes assigned to ??? Learners
No Educators
No EMIS Officer Selected
No Disciplinary Records
No Learners
No ID Numbers for ?? Learner/s
No Learner Attendances
No LSM Items Issued
No LURITS Numbers for ??? Learners
Number of Classes >= Number of Learners
No Orphans (If applicable)
No Parents
No Parents for ??? Learners
No Public Holidays Registered
No Register Educators for ??? Classes
No Report Marks
No SBA Marks
No SGB Members
No Staff Attendances
No Subjects
Possible Invalid Exam Centre for School Level
Quarterly Tests & Marks not complete (Selected Schools ONLY)

Tip: Remember, each year ONLY CERTAIN SCHOOLS write Quarterly Tests.  Please ignore if not applicable.